When your Logo gets on TV, Thanks Matt Holland awesome Artist from Impact Tattoos at Crossroads November 20, 2018 00:00

Its Joey Attard and Mr Dead MInd at Rites of Passage SYDNEY November 05, 2018 13:00

Its great to see new artist to the Sydney Expo very busy all weekend 

Tay first dayjoeys work

Rites of Passage 2018 Sydney October 31, 2018 11:30

Tat2oz got to spnd the expo with Mr Dead Mind Tay Ashbury and Joey Attard.

We had a great time hanging out, the boys got some excellent exposure

'Fuck You Tay' movement got some speed, with lots having a Photo and some getting a Tat

Fck u Tay 1fck u Tay 2

Meet Scott Menzies October 25, 2018 18:51

Scott Menzies

We were lucky enough to meet Scott at the Rites of Passage Festival in Sydney Last Month, we asked Scott to give us his back ground this is what he said

So I’ve been a tattoo artist for 3 years and 31 years old. Electrician by trade spent many years working in the mines. I grew up on the Northside of Brisbane in Bracken Ridge. 

I opened my own private studio in Woodgate beach QLD after apprenticing in a street shop in North Queensland.

I was always interested in art from a young age and spent my younger years as a graffiti artist in Brisbane. When I saw my older friends getting tattooed I was instantly hooked on the art. I started my art career drawing portraits and Japanese tattoo art. I have moved now into neo traditional as my main style and love doing traditional tattoos and colour and black and grey realism.

Originally inspired by Traditional work such as sailor jerry designs, Ed hardy flash and also the art of Horitoku a traditional Japanese artist. As where I work is surrounded by beautiful beaches and national parks I draw inspiration from my natural surroundings and wildlife which I base most of my designs with a nautical twist 

Neo traditional is definitely my preference of styles however I just love what I do so anything is great 😊 


So Thats Scott our newest addition, look out for him at Melbourne Next Month


Thinking Outside the INK April 07, 2018 18:36

Tat2 was formulated by a non artist who makes skincare to improve the look and feel of your largest organ. Its about looking after the canvas that your skin will become.

Instead of healing or repairing the skin after a tattoo, we thought it more appropriate to make sure the skin was at its best the day you have the art done.

Using Tat2 Pre / Post cream your skin is as healthy as it can be

  • making the work your artist does- easier
  • resulting in a better experience for you.
  • assisting the tattoo to heal faster, because its on healthy skin
  • Overall the finish product is a better tattoo

using the cream after you get your art-  continues the skin routine your skin is conditioned too, which means the skin wont be as traumatised as much and you wont suffer as long with scabs, itchiness and loss of ink.

We suggest

  1. you start using the cream when you decide your going to get a tattoo, even before you see your artist.
  2. use the cream after you get your art
 simple as that 2 steps


A Skin Care Formula to Suit Everyone! November 29, 2017 17:32

Family of Tattoos, mum dad and baby

Tat2 Pre \ Post cream was designed with no fragrance and low irritants so it appeals to everyone. Designed for all skin types, age and gender. Easy to use and safe from head to toe.

Tat2 has been tried and tested on Toddlers to Grandparents (no animal testing!) It is safe and has helped ease and reduce symptoms of various skin irritations, and that's why it works so effectively on a new tattoo.

Our Customers have reviewed Tat2 Pre\Post Tattoo Care, telling us that it has helped with easing the itch of a healing tat. They've also told us that the scab is lessened and their art has little or no need for a touch up.

When booking a tattoo, Artists have their clients use the cream to condition the skin so it is fresh and moisturised. Doing this gives a cleaner, smoother canvas with less blemishes for artists to tattoo on, and as a result you have less pain because the skin surface is easier to work on.

Want better looking skin and tattoos? Visit our Shop now and start using Tat2 today! 

Active Ingredients- what does this mean to you & your ink? August 03, 2017 10:00

It is important to note that natural herbal medicine is just that, used over centuries for good reason, the remedies used in western medicine at some point in time derived from a plant source.

Tat2 pre /post cream was formulated using known herbal remedies and we have had great feedback using this formula.

Chamomilla – is known to control bleeding and is used as an anti inflammatory, refreshing and purifying, protects the skin from the drying effects of the sun.

Arnica -
has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce swelling, protect against infections, and relieves pain.

Calendula - emollient, soothes dry skin irritation, protective, relieves itching due to dry skin, refreshing, purifies and cleanses the skin and protects the skin from the drying effects of the sun.

We have other great essential oils in the mix but the Awesome threesome   mixed with the carrier Olive oil are tried and true in our history of 10 years.

That is right 10 years we have held this secret formula, and now we share with you. 


Visiting Artists January 19, 2017 07:30

Tat2oz representatives have been busy this month.

QLD and NSW artists have been very inviting and the response to Tat2 is amazing. There is such a great range of artists and studios around in cities and suburbs. Young and old are flocking to the studios to collect their new piece of art and more than ever artists are realising that their clients need to be educated on protecting their 'one of a kind' art.

Protect the art you've invested your precious time and money on and it will be with you a lot longer. Artists know that a great conditioned canvas to work with makes tattooing easier and more comfortable for the client. That's where Tat2 comes to the forefront in enabling this process. Use Tat2 for a week or more before your appointment, your skin will be fresh and moisturised, giving a better canvas to begin with. Dry scaly skin is not the skin your artist wants to work on. The cream then assists the healing process by keeping the condition of your skin healthy, no top ups and redo's.

Tat2 has ingredients that do not react to the ink or change the skin 

You can purchase Tat2 online. We are stocked in Tattoo studios but if your studio doesn't have it, make sure you tell them about it!

Tattoos In Crisis January 19, 2017 07:26

Summertime reveals tattoos in crisis!

A tattooist's worst nightmare is seeing their art displayed on dry skin, peeling or even sunburnt skin. Showing off your art takes more than just revealing it. If you don't look after the canvas the art will deteriorate. If you don't protect your art from the elements the skin will become cracked, peel and as a result the ink will appear faded. Your investment is lost, needing a touch up before it should. Tat2 is an effective cream full of potent natural ingredients that work together to assist your skin to stay moisturised, healthy and keep your ink looking vibrant. Apply it everyday as you would any other moisturiser, only this one is designed specifically for your tattooed skin, it will assist your skin in keeping fresh. 

We know you are going be out this summer... so be ready with your aftercare. Tat2 is here to help!


Are you Looking After Your Tattooed Skin? November 25, 2016 10:30

deer head

Why is it that Customers use Tat2 before they get art work?

Its simple, because the want to ensure their skin is in its best condition before being tattooed in order to get the best results. When the skin is in good condition it can cope more effectively with the tattooing process.

Being kind to your skin is easy to do when you are using the right formula. Tat2 is a formula designed for just that purpose. This cream assists your skin condition so that the tattoo will look its best from day one.

This all in one cream doesn't stop there, using the cream Post the tattoo means more effective results. Tat2 Pre\Post is so lightweight you can keep using it all day everyday so that your skin and new ink looks its best.

Your older tattoos will stay bright and appear fresh because you have created a perfect canvas.

Feed your skin everyday with Tat2. Shop now and start your new Tattoo Skincare routine today!

Rites of Passage Festival October 07, 2016 22:24

Tat2oz is attending the Rites of Passage Festival at Olympic Park Hombush

Friday 14 October through to Sunday 16 October

We are being joined by Five artists from Newcastle

Boady Honey Ink, Newcastle

Jack Fowler, Honey Ink, Newcastle

Ali Zimmerman, Impact, Cardiff

Rachel McGregor, Impact, Cardiff

Caine Styman, Crossroads, Glendale

come visit us and say hello

Family Emblem Tattoos July 12, 2016 18:00

Michelles New Zealand Family emblem

Some tattoos and their meaning must be respected, it's not just a piece of art.

Tattoos can be sacred family emblems, tribal in meaning, older than time. They can link you to a clan. Not just a fad. No need to copy others work, get your own collection for your own reasons.

The picture featured is of a beautiful New Zealand piece that only one family has a connection with. Thank you Michelle for allowing us to showcase your wonderful story.


Treat your ink as you would want others to treat you, with respect use Tat2oz Pre/Post cream to keep that tattoo looking fresh and the colour bright. Shop Now!

Bianca Adams December 20, 2015 00:00


Our Beautiful Model Bianca with art by 2012 Tattoo Charlestown

Bianca Jayne Adams at TAT2oz. Bianca has used Tat2 on her body and is happy to show it off!

Cloe Boyle review December 19, 2015 22:35

Another great review... this one from Cloe Boyle. Its a privilege to help show off your art.

"Hey guys, If you're looking for a new pre/post tattoo aftercare I definitely recommend TAT2oz! Have been using it every few days to keep my tattoos bright and hydrated. It's lightweight, non-oily cream made from natural ingredients."

Review from Lou Kelly December 17, 2015 12:00

Tat2oz received this great review from Lou Kelly, and the photo says it all.

I recently got a new tattoo and discovered this cream which helped my tattoo heal very nicely instead of using that awful sticky nappy rash cream haha. TAT2oz was founded in Newcastle NSW, Australia.
The formula was designed to offer a natural high quality cream that could be used during all stages of skin care when investing in a tattoo.
This wonderful cream is unique because it can be applied all the time, keeping your skin and tattoo looking fresh for as long as possible.It is the best all in one skin conditioner that works quickly and effectively to moisturise the skin as well as containing ingredients well known for their soothing and healing properties.

For anyone thinking of getting a tattoo in the near future, i would highly recommend getting yourself some of this epic cream ! 

Photography by Georgia Rainbow-Photography