Visiting Artists January 19, 2017 07:30

Tat2oz representatives have been busy this month.

QLD and NSW artists have been very inviting and the response to Tat2 is amazing. There is such a great range of artists and studios around in cities and suburbs. Young and old are flocking to the studios to collect their new piece of art and more than ever artists are realising that their clients need to be educated on protecting their 'one of a kind' art.

Protect the art you've invested your precious time and money on and it will be with you a lot longer. Artists know that a great conditioned canvas to work with makes tattooing easier and more comfortable for the client. That's where Tat2 comes to the forefront in enabling this process. Use Tat2 for a week or more before your appointment, your skin will be fresh and moisturised, giving a better canvas to begin with. Dry scaly skin is not the skin your artist wants to work on. The cream then assists the healing process by keeping the condition of your skin healthy, no top ups and redo's.

Tat2 has ingredients that do not react to the ink or change the skin 

You can purchase Tat2 online. We are stocked in Tattoo studios but if your studio doesn't have it, make sure you tell them about it!