Tattoos In Crisis January 19, 2017 07:26

Summertime reveals tattoos in crisis!

A tattooist's worst nightmare is seeing their art displayed on dry skin, peeling or even sunburnt skin. Showing off your art takes more than just revealing it. If you don't look after the canvas the art will deteriorate. If you don't protect your art from the elements the skin will become cracked, peel and as a result the ink will appear faded. Your investment is lost, needing a touch up before it should. Tat2 is an effective cream full of potent natural ingredients that work together to assist your skin to stay moisturised, healthy and keep your ink looking vibrant. Apply it everyday as you would any other moisturiser, only this one is designed specifically for your tattooed skin, it will assist your skin in keeping fresh. 

We know you are going be out this summer... so be ready with your aftercare. Tat2 is here to help!