A Skin Care Formula to Suit Everyone! November 29, 2017 17:32

Family of Tattoos, mum dad and baby

Tat2 Pre \ Post cream was designed with no fragrance and low irritants so it appeals to everyone. Designed for all skin types, age and gender. Easy to use and safe from head to toe.

Tat2 has been tried and tested on Toddlers to Grandparents (no animal testing!) It is safe and has helped ease and reduce symptoms of various skin irritations, and that's why it works so effectively on a new tattoo.

Our Customers have reviewed Tat2 Pre\Post Tattoo Care, telling us that it has helped with easing the itch of a healing tat. They've also told us that the scab is lessened and their art has little or no need for a touch up.

When booking a tattoo, Artists have their clients use the cream to condition the skin so it is fresh and moisturised. Doing this gives a cleaner, smoother canvas with less blemishes for artists to tattoo on, and as a result you have less pain because the skin surface is easier to work on.

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