Are you Looking After Your Tattooed Skin? November 25, 2016 10:30

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Why is it that Customers use Tat2 before they get art work?

Its simple, because the want to ensure their skin is in its best condition before being tattooed in order to get the best results. When the skin is in good condition it can cope more effectively with the tattooing process.

Being kind to your skin is easy to do when you are using the right formula. Tat2 is a formula designed for just that purpose. This cream assists your skin condition so that the tattoo will look its best from day one.

This all in one cream doesn't stop there, using the cream Post the tattoo means more effective results. Tat2 Pre\Post is so lightweight you can keep using it all day everyday so that your skin and new ink looks its best.

Your older tattoos will stay bright and appear fresh because you have created a perfect canvas.

Feed your skin everyday with Tat2. Shop now and start your new Tattoo Skincare routine today!