Thinking Outside the INK April 07, 2018 18:36

Tat2 was formulated by a non artist who makes skincare to improve the look and feel of your largest organ. Its about looking after the canvas that your skin will become.

Instead of healing or repairing the skin after a tattoo, we thought it more appropriate to make sure the skin was at its best the day you have the art done.

Using Tat2 Pre / Post cream your skin is as healthy as it can be

  • making the work your artist does- easier
  • resulting in a better experience for you.
  • assisting the tattoo to heal faster, because its on healthy skin
  • Overall the finish product is a better tattoo

using the cream after you get your art-  continues the skin routine your skin is conditioned too, which means the skin wont be as traumatised as much and you wont suffer as long with scabs, itchiness and loss of ink.

We suggest

  1. you start using the cream when you decide your going to get a tattoo, even before you see your artist.
  2. use the cream after you get your art
 simple as that 2 steps