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You got ink? Tat2™ can protect it. Whether it's body-art or cosmetic tattoos, Tat2 is a unique cream to specifically help you care for your skin and your ink. Use before and after fresh ink to make your ink last as long as you do. Our Pre/Post cream is the first in the range. Lightweight, high quality, potent natural ingredients. Used to prepare the skin for a tattoo, assist your skin post tattoo and when used everyday it helps your skin feel and look awesome and your ink stays looking fresh and bright.

Use the cream all the time. Before and after ink. It’s suitable for all skin types. Most of all, listen to your tattooist - they know where it’s at. Tat2oz was founded in Newcastle NSW, Australia. Our formula is designed to offer a natural high quality cream that can be used during all stages of skin care when investing in a tattoo whether it's body-art, cosmetic or corrective. Many creams only assist in the aftercare and cannot be used long term. Tat2 is unique because it can be applied all the time, keeping your skin and ink looking its best for as long as possible. It can also be used during inking, so you can take it with you to your tattooist, they'll love it too!  Designed, tested and manufactured in Oz with only the best quality ingredients. We also ship worldwide so the rest of the world doesn't miss out on this unique product. 


Tattoos… are the stories in your heart, written on your skin. \ Charles De Lint