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Crossroads Tattoo

We first met Lance and the crew a few months ago, when they welcomed us into their studio with their enthusiasm and passion for tattooing. 

It’s a pleasure to have the team at Crossroads as a guest artist for the month.
Newcastle born and bred, Lance saw the potential in the studio over 22 years ago.
At first as an investor Lance soon found himself learning the trade. Lance is the second oldest tattooist in Newcastle. 

Visiting the studio, it is obvious clients and artists respect him. Crossroads is Newcastle oldest running named Tattoo studio in the Newcastle area.

Most of the 6 resident artists completed their apprenticeship at Crossroads. There is a variety of styles and influences used and the studio is always full of keen collectors. At least 18 artists have worked at Crossroads over the past 2 decades, that’s a big percentage of the local talent and new artists are up and coming.

Since meeting Lance and the crew, I have done my research and the local clientele are very quick to praise the boys, stating good natured, caring, talented and clean, well organised studio. Tat2oz has experienced this when spending time at the shop, the team are all great value and the work they are doing is exceptional. We were was nicely surprised seeing Caine, an artist we met over a year ago who has just recently joined the team. His art is amazing and compliments the work of Dolan, Caine,  Brendan, Brock and Lance.
Happy for you to visit and talk about your art, they will advise you on the best options for a piece.

Be it your first Ink or one of many tattoos you will be happy with what the Crossroads team can do for you.

 Brendon of Crossroads and knee pieceCaine finishing a arm piece at Crossroads tattooDolan of Crossroads Tattoo starting an arm pieceBrock of Crossroads Tattoo with an arm piece

Brock Crossroads Tattoo GlendaleDolan Finish pieceCaine Hand piece Crossroads tattooBrock crossroads tattoo