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Tat2 is not only designed to assist the skin for pre tattoo preparation and during post tattoo healing and maintenance, but it can also be used by artists during tattooing. 

Tattooing is so much more than just putting an inked needle into someones skin and creating some art on them. All good tattoo artists will agree that you have that person's health in your hands during that time and how well you manage the skin surface can be the difference between transmitting disease and infection or not. Properly sterilising your equipment is essential, but in addition to that you can use substances during tattooing that can also assist in a clean and effective surface to work with. After shaving the area to be tattooed and using a sterile substance like alcohol to remove any lurking nasties, you can then use Tat2 during the tattooing. Tat2 contains numerous active ingredients that ensure the skin is well lubricated and so your hand will slide over the skin for better lines.

After the tattoo is finished, wipe it completely with Tat2. This takes all the extra ink off the skin, and the combination of Tat2's other potent natural essential oils then assists the skin post tattoo and keeping you ink looking good for as long as possible. As with any topical cream, it is not possible for a manufacturer to guarantee that an individual will not have a reaction to a substance used or combination of the cream with another substance, so its always best to be cautious and test an area first. Also bear in mind that if shaving a part of the body it opens the pores to a range of issues including ingrown hairs, blocked pores to name a couple. These are a result of that process and the subsequent reactions such as pimples or infected ingrown hairs are not a result of Tat2 cream. What are the benefits of using Tat2? Artists have been using Tat2 with their clients pre, during and post tattoo and are continually positive and provide us with their feedback. Here's some of what they tell us:

"When my clients make a booking I get them to purchase Tat2 and start using it immediately to get their skin in good condition before they come to me. It makes it easier for me to work on them if they have good skin."

"When I use tattoo during tattooing, it keeps the surface I'm working on cleaner than other stickier creams I've used in the past. It's easier to use and wipes away the excess ink better"

"If my clients have used Tat2 to prep their skin I find using it during tattooing doesn't seem to irritate them as much as when I use a different cream"

"when I use the cream to tattoo with, the gun works so much more efficiently, I think everything just slides along easier and it's good to know that it's good for their skin and helps with healing at the same time, its a great all round tattoo cream"

"My clients tell me that this cream has helped their skin heal so much faster than any others they've used, once they've used it they keep coming back for more. We started selling smaller amounts, now we just have them buy the 100gms and get them to use it all the time"


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