Has been tattooing for over ten years and he is currently the head artist at Honey Ink Newcastle.

He was always interested in tattoos and the whole idea of creating permanent and personal art. Boady spent most of his school years drawing and was lucky enough to gain the interest of tattoo shop owner in outer western Sydney and after a while he was offered an apprenticeship. He has worked in several studios around Sydney. Boady has been described as a well polished all rounder.

What’s the strangest artwork request you’ve had from a client?

"There are so many that I’ve had from clients over the years, but the thing is, they may seem crazy to you or I, but we have to remember they are a personal thing, or at least used to be. Who am I to say what’s crazy or not. I’ve always been a little spun out though by people that want to get portraits of themselves tattooed on themselves. That’s always fun".

What’s your favorite colour to work with and why?

Boady doesn't really have a favourite colour to work with, it’s the contrast between different colours, blacks and how they work together on the skin for different purposes. Creating light and depth, bringing pieces to life or completely changing the look and outcome of a tattoo.

What’s the worst part of the body to tattoo and why?

For Boady, the worst parts of the body to tattoo has always been the ribs and armpits. "It’s not the tattooing process itself, its more the pain factor that clients struggle with which can make the process much more difficult". 

Boady has agreed to join us at Rites of Passage, Sydney
Tat2oz is really excited to have Boady with us at the Festival

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Instagram: Boady_Tattooist