Newest Artist to join our Fam is Joey Attard, Melbourne Victoria

Forearm Tattoo, Joey AttardJoey Attard Tattoo Artist from Melbourne Victoria

Joey is 24 years old and has been a Tattoo Artist for 6 years. 

He loves a range of styles but his preferred style is Gothic Realism: a mixture of styles he has been working on over the years.

Joey Started with Street Art and still to this day loves a good spray and catching up with mates. Graffiti definitely inspired him to pursue his career within the Tattoo industry.

As a kid Joey was always an artist and was inspired by portraits and weird paintings using weird colours.

He never imagined he would become a tattooist however now that he is part of the industry he wouldn't have it any other way.

Joey has amazing feedback for us that we are extremely proud to share, to have him use our Pre/Post cream is great.

Joey says  'Tat2oz cream is second to none, easily applied, all natural and

makes my tattoo life a lot easier. I will always recommend my clients to use Tat2oz.'

Thanks Joey we formulated this cream to be easy to use and recommend clients use the cream before their appointment, making the tattoo easy to do for the artist and assisting the tattoo to heal.

We want everyones clients to have the best skin they can for their new artwork.

It simply makes sense